Cross & Crown Lutheran Church | Georgetown, TX

Foundations Class

Cross & Crown’s Foundations 1 Class will take you through Four Key Concepts of the Bible as well as Six Faith Building Lessons. These 10 lessons provide a solid basis for understanding and building your Christian faith.  For those thinking about membership at Cross & Crown, this is a key course to participate in.

Foundations 1 is usually held in the fall (Sept) and winter (Feb), or as needed. Our pastor is happy to work with you to set up a class time, and get information for any classes you may miss.  Email to register.



Cross & Crown’s Foundations 2 Class will take the foundational truths of Foundations 1 and add eight lessons to Grow in Grace and Knowledge. These lessons build a solid foundation for your Christian Life.  Topics include “The World,” “The Church,” “Family,” “Christian Living,” “Worship,” “Witness,” “Stewardship,” and “Prayer.” This course is offered to “graduates” of Foundations 1.  Email to register.

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